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  • Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Gummy’s

    C$25.00 C$20.00

    Magic mushroom gummy’s made with psychedelic mushrooms

    ( penis envy variety )   very potent and upbeat buzz nice waves float over the body and mind after eating 1 gummy . For best results start with 1-2 gummy’s and wait 20 mins to let affect set it.  For more experienced people that are looking for visuals and more intense trip we would recommend 3 to 4 + gummy’s .

      each gummy holds a healthy does of .5  of a gram of high quality small batch psilocybin magic mushrooms    

    flavours include     lemon grape , sour  blue raspberry ,  lime , strawberry , grape strawberry, mixed   and sour orange  we can also do  custom flavours available upon request